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The ODC Service Model


As the principal of Organization Development Consulting, LLC, I have spent most of my career on the “inside”. I’ve gone from the one-man OD resource in small firms to serving in executive roles where I led global OD strategies in Fortune 300 companies.

In addition to leading a cadre of internal OD practitioners, I’ve hired many OD consultants to help achieve my firm’s business objectives, so I’m sensitive to how I present myself as an OD consultant now that I’m on the “outside”.

I know that you have many choices among the plethora of organization development consultants available. How do you know which one to choose and why would I expect you to hire my firm?

At ODC LLC, we do three things that create a competitive advantage.

First – Client Service Agreement Commitment

It’s been my experience that many consulting firms like to forge a long-lasting relationship with you to ensure themselves a long-lasting revenue stream.  To do this, they try to convince their clients to lock in a service agreement  that makes one phase of completed work overlap with or dependent on, the next phase of work. 

At OD Consulting, LLC, we would enjoy a long-term relationship with you too, as we have with many clients. However, we also know that many organizations only need some short-term contracting services, so we never pressure you to expand the scope or length of our consulting arrangement with you.

At OD Consulting, we built a service model that supports a variety of client needs – not just the ones that have long-term relationships which leads to reason number two:

Second - Client-focused Service

Some clients already know what they want and only need an extra pair of hands to get some work done. They’re not interested in a longer-term arrangement. In these instances, we offer hourly paid contractors to step in only when and where they’re needed.

Other clients may know what their needs are but don’t know what solutions should be developed. In these cases we provide consulting services to help them develop, and if possible, implement the solutions that address their needs.

Still other clients face strategic challenges that may require a broader assessment of their business situation and subsequently the development of solutions that address those needs. In these cases, we provide broader organizational consulting services that are more far-reaching than short-term solutions.

Third - Consortium model of Consulting

If you’ve worked with large consulting firms before, you know that they bring their models and business methods of what a perfect organization should look like and try  to fit your organization into their preconceived notions.

In contrast, ODC consultants are not obligated to use specific methods or models. Instead, they are equipped with a broad array of practical and proven business processes giving them the flexibility to recommend the most appropriate solutions for your unique needs.

And, our consultants come from many industries and sectors, so we have the ability to match a consultant with similar industry experience to work with your business. 

To offer this type of flexibility, ODC maintains a consortium of consultants and contractors who are prepared to fill specific needs rather than maintaining a payroll of employees waiting to work on the next client project.

Because we can control our fixed and variable costs better than our competitors, we are able to provide greater value to our clients – and you’ll notice it in our fees.